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artefacts AR Demo, Augmented Reality Test Project, 7m:00s edited walkthrough, looped for webview, implemented via Adobe Aero, 2022
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artefacts VR Demo, Virtual Reality Test Project developed in Unity with SteamVR for an HTC Vive, 9m:37s edited walkthrough, looped for webview, recorded from VR with full view Right Eye Dominant to show some aspect of the stereoscopic vision, creating new artefacts in a barren landscape and integrating more interactivity, 2023
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JCS GAN, developing and testing GAN image generator, this GIF showcases some of the code and notation I have compiled to build a Generative Adversarial Network GAN, currently testing a 1080 square color image model, and a GLTF color 3D model generator, 00m:30s GIF of imagined GAN implementation (although documentation text shown in video is for different GAN models described above), 2022-ongoing


closed system, 3-act video play with sound, looped single-channel projection, 14m:12s, 2022
Full video that will loop, first few minutes are an animation that uses procedural geometry nodes, generative effects, and Google Earth Studio among other methods. The entire length is an experimenal narrative video that uses both documentary and fiction approaches.

In this work, I created a 3D animation sequence of an imagined transdimensional space where our Earth, our Closed System, is contained. This is a meta-reference to the looped cycle of the video, which is structured to begin somewhere in the middle of the prelude, then resolve three-acts, and end with an Epilogue/Coda/Prelude. At the start of the video, while flying through a 3D animated starfield, I used a recording of Beethoven’s “Symphony no. 9” (with permission from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra) to reference an imagined unification of humankind. Beethoven’s symphony – historically considered the first piece of music to deconstruct ideology – sets the stage of this experimental video: part documentary about our fragile ecosystems (human and nonhuman), part fictional re-construction of memories.

Throughout the video, visuals converge – the ecosystems of Brownsville, Texas; the ravaged downtown of my hometown: Mayfield, Kentucky, destroyed by a tornado; scenes of my bike commutes through New York City, with my bike and self collapsing; and the Bastille Day military parade in Paris, France, of 2017 – to illustrate the nightmarish reality of collapsing ecosystems, phenomonological disasters, and fascist displays of power. In the final act, I integrate what is widely accepted as Beethoven’s best attempt at a unification theme – ultimately a movement that is inclusive and queer – with narration criticizing SpaceX’s presence on the Wildlife Reserve and Sacred Lands of Boca Chica, Texas, while displaying video of this location, contemplating its future.


altar / gift, digital c-print on canvas mounted on a space gray slate (painted wood), 11"x14" print on canvas, 15"x26"x3" with slate, 2002. Image below is 3D rendering via Blender.

altar / gift depicts a collection of digital images transformed and transmutated into flowers and a decorative scene / still-life. The chaos of digital life and decay is still there in the background, contemplated in a messy diagram of low de Sitter n-dimensional spacetime. The foreground contains a candle and the kabbalah tree of life, symbols that keep me aligned with my principles, values, and practice.


electric dream, or memoryheirloomhumandesireanddestruction version 1.5, digital projector with audio and video playback made to resemble an analogue slideshow | two tables | Death, a digital print, framed | 1080p monitor with video playback | roses arranged and hung by L-braket | fresh roses in a vase | 3D printed skull | 3D printed infinity symbol (black) | 3D printed miniature copy of Rodin's The Thinker | acrylic paint on paper | spray paint on paper | 3D printed two hypercubes (gray and magenta) | dead palm leaves weaved and tied around a 3D printed infinity symbol (gray) | mound of dead rose buds | mound of dead rose stems | mound of 3D print rafts and supports | paint on wad of paper resembling a rosebud | artist's Grandmother's "wave" vase containing dead roses | mound of dead roses | paint and fire (burnt) on vellum | two forms of spray painted plastic | painted wood circle | rose quartz dodecahedron | found small black stone | jasper cube | quartz merkabah star | amythest octahedron | citrine tetrahedron | blue gray stone from Alabama | camera sensors | cell phone and point-and-shoot camera lenses | workstation panel | workstation speaker | four work lights | two pink light bulbs | two green light bulbs | speaker soundsystem playing environmental soundtrack and poem, 2018


Safe Space, VR experiment with simple reticle gaze system for navigation and control, developed for Google Cardboard, 1m:00s demo, 2019. A Safe Space for the user to set intentions, meditate, and relax.


test scans VR Demo, Virtual Reality Test Project of several 3D scans from photo-based apps, 1m:44s edited walkthrough, looped for webview, implemented via Unity / SteamVR, 2023
I did not have access to Lidar which is how these apps really shine, mixed results from photo only scans. I have worked with photogrammetry for a few years, these photo-based scanner apps are improving tremendously.
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RoomFace, 2D projection from 3D scan of my current studio, low-light experiment with photoscan software, 2022
video below navigating around model


CURRENTS: April Fools' Gold, installation view, 2016
document/promo, Dark Hypercube, first/last supper: interview, performance (JCSSC, 1st of April 2016), At The Center of it All, Yet Another Quest for Knowledge, Nature, and Motivational Force are displayed.

CURRENTS continued, inside the green room installation, 2016

Displayed: doubt, neon light, 2016 | April Fools’ Gold, video with sound playing on monitor resting on marble with sound system

"These types of combinations have been tested (and one could argue plausibly so) with disciplines such as alchemy, quantum mechanics, and fiction. Partially fiction, partially an elaborate trip, Currents puts us at the threshold. The two most important thresholds to keep in mind here are subliminal and liminal space." - from JCS blogpost about Currents, 2016


dark hypercube, looped video, 2016
Created in Autodesk Maya.


Animation Reel from 2018, containing a variety of artistic and commercial works, most notably first few examples are from system series, more information below:

systems and sacred geometry - project started in 2013-ongoing


REHEARSAL | PERFORMANCE, stills from rehearsal, post from performance, a collaboration with Dancer Nicole Roerick for a singular, guerrilla performance. Spoken word and movement communicating to a single viewer in a larger artistic space (Intervention at the temporary Co-Lab Projects space known as DEMO GALLERY, 721 Congress Ave) in late 2013. I conceptualized, then found Nicole, and we co-choreographed this piece. #privatemadepublic



Unity, 24"x36" digital archival print mounted on wood cradle, computer generated image, 2017


Origin of Man (Cave-In-Rock, Illinois), 8"x10" digital print framed, computer generated image composited with digital photo, 2017


Mona Lisa Overdrive, 24"x36" digital print framed, computer generated image, 2017


Artifact (figure X), 24"x24" digital archival print mounted on wood cradle, computer generated image, 2017

4 Images from The Sweetest Gift, a solo exhibition building on imagination, art history, spirituality, mythology, humanist philosophy, science fiction, and science fact, 2017. Selected works include 3D renderings, or 3D renderingscomposited with digital still photography. The greater exhibiton included paintings, video, digital composites with photography, digital media with paintings, and other interdisciplinary and multimedia (traditional and media arts) works.


young demiurge, 4 stills - "IO," "young demiurge," "reminder," & "initiate" - from a video w/sound completed in 2012 to be released when CosmiMachina (a work-in-progress about a world-builder | computer-programmer in the distant future that makes a simulation), 2012


"Sophia Manifest" still of LaShunda Rena at the Parthenon (Nashville, TN), this is a still from video of the final chapter of the TechGnostiChurch webseries originally broadcast every Sunday, September 4th through October 16th, 2016, as part of A Body Has No Center at TigerStrikesAsteroid Philadelphia, PA


Installation view of ConServer (bottom right monitor), a video series presented in both a gallery and online webseries, 2010-2011. ConServer focuses on further development of the character/persona, Jeff Stanley, as a talking head, a parody and deconstruction of proto-alt-right media pundits (directed mostly at Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh). The series also included many satellite projections and virtual art objects. Top left monitor, Death=Silence For full details about this project and to read my master's thesis report, Media Hacking see the ConServer webpage.

Below, projection mapping of $ and the Jeff Stanley Virtual Avatar in the Visual Arts Center concrete arch, $7M, 2011

Still from ConServer: Mass Money, 2010. The earliest work in the series.


Still from The Forum on the Future of Mankind 18m:20s 3 act video play about Jeff Stanley's rise and fall in the Art World, 2009-2010. For full details about this project see the FotFoM webpage.


Delilah Barrios Video for Governor, 2m:29s video with sound, Campaign video for Delilah Barrios, Green Party Candidate for Governor, 2022.
On the commercial spectrum of my work, I work as a director, cinematographer, sound engineer, 2D and 3D animator, and producer. As a volunteer, I worked with local Rio Grande Valley Green Party volunteers to direct, videograph, and edit this video for Delilah Barrios' Campaign.


@jcs_future avatar, .PNG, 2020